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Melting Batteries

melting batteries

We are very proud of our new CD! This is only the beginning and there is more on the way… so, stay with us and come back any time! This is our new site, and it will change over time, so expect to see all the breaking NEWS, right here, on this page. Whenever we think we have something interesting to share with you, you can expect us to let you know about it, and we will.

Have fun

– Melting Batteries

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WANTED – 2015

Wanted is now available on Amazon and through other links shown on this site. We are really proud of our new music and it is something we have worked on quite a bit. We usually sit down and jam for a half an hour or so, and then suddenly we agree… “That’s it!” and this is how we begin. Once we find our groove and have our beat, we add our lyrics, and our music just keeps growing like that, song by song.

We hope you will like the WANTED album, as it really is a fruit of our creative blend, fresh from our hearts and rocking on to you, the listener. Please check out this new album by clicking the picture of the album (above). It is not expensive to have a listen, and we sell each song by itself if you prefer just to get one tune. You might find out you like our music. We loved making it, and we hope you will like it too.

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Band Members

Melting Batteries Band
Melting Batteries Band Members
( L to R) Basti, Dirk, Brembo, Andre

Melting Batteries is an alternative rock band from Schweinfurt, Germany. This is our blog, and we hope you will come by and visit our site often to hear our music and to buy our stuff. We enjoy all feedback and hope to hear from you about what you like. Please enjoy your visit.